Ever wanted to make a killer game of your own?

The APPrentice gives young developers under the age of 25 the opportunity to launch their game development careers. We want you to create your very own mobile game. It’s completely free to enter; you can develop your game in a teams of up to four people. 


1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


who can enter?

Anyone under the age of 25 who has some games development experience. You could be a student or just someone who develops games in their free time.

what format should the game be?

The game should be either an IPK or IPA file.  You will be required to send us a TestFlight invite or similar before sending the files, so we can test your submission before it’s submitted.

what type of games?

Fun to play, addictive, mobile games. The genre is completely up to you. The only restrictions are games should be designed for iOS or Android, and built using Unity, in either 2D or 3D. Games shouldn’t contain any extreme violence, sexual content or gambling. Other than that, get creative. 

what's the closing date?

All competition registrations should be made by 6pm on 29th January 2017.

when is my game due?

All competition submissions should be received by 6pm on 8th March 2017. They will be reviewed by the judging panel, and a list of suggested tweaks or improvements provided to each team for implementation. You’ll have time to make these changes, and we aim to submit all games to the App Store in April.

how will games be scored?

Every game will be tested by the AppBox Team and given a mark out of five in four areas – sound, game design, game quality, and art design. We’ll come back with some tweaks, and then you can submit your revised game.

The best games will then be released to the App Store, where the number of downloads your game achieves during the agreed period are counted. The one with the highest overall score, wins!