Our Story

Founded in London in 2013, AppBox Media has a clear mission: bring the best mobile games to a worldwide market. Our aim: to give people entertaining game experiences, wherever they are.

AppBox isn’t just a great games company. We’re fully committed to developing the next generation of young talent in our industry. One of the ways we do this is through our groundbreaking competition, The APPrentice

Creative Passion

Creative Director, David Hampshire

“I joined AppBox at an incredibly exciting time. There were big plans and big opportunities to do something different. That was important to me – to do something different. The games market is oversaturated, so it’s a challenge to be that unicorn that sticks out.

We want to be fresh. So where do we start? Well, with the classics. Some of the old school games I loved playing were seriously basic on graphics. What was so good about them? Gameplay. Gameplay was king. They were just fun and addictive to play. The most important thing was to make something that people wanted to spend weeks, months, years, engrossed in.

That’s what I drive our team to do. Create fun games and the rest will follow. One of my remits is to make sure the company has our finger on the pulse of new trends. Whether that’s technical developments or social movements. And when you combine awesome gameplay with new trends, that’s a winning combination.”


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Supporting Students

We’re also proud supporters of University programmes that assist young developers to become the games creators of the future. We’re sponsors of the Games Hub in Colchester, a partnership between the Enterprise Hub and the University of Essex. The programme sees teams learn about the key pillars of development, including programming, design, art and production. Programme contributors from the gaming industry include Microsoft, Dlala Studios, Square Enix and Tower Studios.