The first wave of virtual reality headsets cheap mlb jerseys have finally been released to the public and HTC Vive is trying to stay one step ahead of its competitors with the wholesale jerseys China release of wholesale jerseys their new companion app.

When playing with a VR headset, the user can be cut off from the world for several hours as they explore the virtual game; some games require users to move around the room and use motion controllers to direct physical Neurosonic movements in the game world. Due to this, players can forget to do certain things or ignore some noises as it could be mistaken for game cheap jerseys sound.

The new HTC Vive companion app allows the users to send text notifications and call alerts to the screen the user can see; it literally puts the notifications directly in the players eyes which makes them impossible to ignore. Android users have been able to do this for some time now but the app has cheap mlb jerseys finally been released for iOS devices.

It doesn’t seem to work for email or messaging applications yet and users are hoping this will be coming in an update for the HTC Vive. The motion controls can be very distracting for some users and an application like this one By is a necessity; users are also hoping to see alarm apps for the HTC Vive so that users can set alarms to tell them when they need to stop Custom playing.